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Claas-Hendrik Stamp

Postdoctoral researcher

Claas grew up near to Düsseldorf in Germany. He studied Chemistry at the University of Freiburg (DE) and then obtained his Master degree in Sustainable Materials - Polymer Sciences. His master thesis focused on the development of stimuli-responsive cellulose nanocrystal-polymer composites with photonic bandgap properties under the supervision of Prof. Walther. The nanocomposites proved to be potential candidates for photonic bandgap lasing. Claas pursued his Ph.D. in the group of Thomas Pfohl at the Department of Experimental Polymer Physics where he investigated studied smart microfluidic devices. In his work, he developed fundamental approaches to exploit shape transitions of thin elastic elements to locally modify hydraulic properties within microchannel networks. His investigations led to the development of stimulus-responsive fluid-micro-resistors/oscillators used to imprint information into flow fields as well as control fluid flows.
Claas joined the Calvino group as an assistant researcher to work on the development advanced multi-functional polymer materials relying on encapsulated chemistries. A particular focus is on enabling spatially controlled local material changes on demand.

Claas-Hendrik Stamp
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