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Richard Remy

Postdoctoral researcher

Richard is originally from Switzerland and received his Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). His master thesis centered on the application of photochemical nitrogen extrusion for the synthesis of indoles and carbazoles.

Richard pursued a PhD thesis in the Bochet group, where he worked on advancing new photochemical nitrogen extrusion processes and the total synthesis of Hyperforin. In 2018, Richard was awarded the SNSF mobility fellowship to conduct his postdoctoral research in the MacMillan group at Princeton. There, he explored the photoredox-catalyzed process of difluoromethylation of heteroaromatic compounds.

Upon returning to Switzerland, Richard worked as a lab leader at Neoscope (Bulle, CH), to develop new environmental laboratory analyses.

Keen to reenter academic research, Richard recently joined the Calvino group as a postdoctoral researcher, aiming to contribute on the designs of renewable polymers operating under orthogonal stimulations.

Richard Remy
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